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Introducing Amandine Aubertot:

Amandine.pngWe continue with our introductions to the “Associates” of Stites & Associates by introducing Amandine Aubertot.  Amandine will be assisting us with Project Management and Customer Relations.  She has her B.A. Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She has over 7 years of experience in Customer Relations.  Most recently she has been doing Project Management technical industrial both domestically and abroad for Direxa Engineering, Inc.  She has had full scope, budget and schedule responsibilities, interacting with engineering, purchasing and shipping, managing site work and commissioning the projects.   Finally, she has extensive laboratory and pilot plant experience.  She worked for Hazen Research in laboratory support for their pilot plant projects. 

Amandine will have two main functions at SALLC.  Her official title is Project Manager.  Her first priority will be to work with our clients in managing new projects.  She will be using her considerable organizational and interpersonal skills to keep efforts organized, on-time and on-budget.  Like all small companies, no one at SALLC is allowed to wear just one hat.  At the same time she will be working to build our client relations program, with special emphasis on our international efforts.  She is already working to translate some of our technical information into French.  We hope to soon launch a multi-lingual website and blog.  We are very excited about what in is store for SALLC in 2015.

Amandine can be reached at:


Phone:  (720) 985-3267