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About Stites & Associates, LLC:

Stites and Associates was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in April of 1996. Ron Stites, an experienced Analytical Chemist with an MBA in Finance and Accounting, founded it as a consulting practice to the laboratory industry. The practice had a strong emphasis on technical management – especially in the area of TQM (Total Quality Management). It quickly became apparent that the needs of clients went well beyond TQM. Client engagements took a wide variety of twists, turns and forms. In some cases Business Development became the primary focus. In others, Technology Evaluation became paramount. In some cases the engagement took the form of “full-time” employment while at other times the engagement was clearly of a “part-time” consulting nature. Mr. Stites was never very comfortable as an “employee.” There always seemed to be a higher calling to staring reality in the face that got in the way of being the typical “employee.” Hence, after a brief respite, Stites & Associates, LLC, was re-launched as a Colorado based LLC.

In more recent years Mr. Stites has be drawn into Technology Development and Management. What started as a laboratory consultancy has now developed into a multi-faceted consultancy that includes expertise in:

     Specialty Analysis
     Quality Management
     Design of Experiments
     Organization and Motivation of Technical Staff
     Technical and Economic Evaluation of Technology
     Intellectual Property Management
     Evaluation and Development of Technology – Especially in the Area of Alternative Fuels
     Laboratory Design and Set-up

Stites & Associates, LLC, is now truly more than just Mr. Stites. It is a group of expert colleagues that includes scientists, engineers, attorneys, accountants and business development professions. Your company can benefit not only from the years of experience Mr. Stites, but also the many wonderful colleagues that he maintains.