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Kindle from Your PC

Help for getting an eBook without a Kindle.

Reading a Kindle eBook from you PC is fairly easy and it is free.  There are just a few steps you have to take to get it right.  As with many new Apps today, there are few instructions.  So for all those who (like me) want a step-by-step, here you go:

  1. You need an account set up.
    1. Go to
    2. Enter an email (keep track of it – it is your login)
    3. Enter a password (I hope you know to keep that also)
    4. Enter payment information to buy stuff
  2. Download the App for PC
    1. This can be done by going to several different Kindle links, but one that works is the link to one of my eBooks:  
      1. The Science, Art and Discipline of Technology Development 
      2. Oil Shale, Treasure Trove or Pandora's Box or
      3. Epiphany, A Beginning to a Spiritual Journey 
    2. Then enter your email (your login) and click on the button (near the center of the page) that says “Send me the link”
    3. Go to your email and download the App – Note that you should do this from the PC you want to use as your “Kindle”
    4. Register your device during setup – Use the email and password you have as your account.  This is important because sets up the link between your computer and the Kindle Store
  3. Return to the Kindle Store (or navigate to the eBook you want)
  4. Purchase the eBook.
  5. You’re done – In a few minutes the eBook will show up when you open your Kindle for PC App.  There will be a short delay.  I waited about 20 minutes before the eBook appeared.