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 An intensive 10 week research program by Stites & Associates, LLC, (SALLC) has resulted in a technically competent, financially sound review of the Oil Shale Industry in the Western US.  The eBook, Oil Shale, Treasure Trove or Pandora’s Box, is a detailed look at the history, technology, financial promise, energy security potential and the environmental challenges and opportunities provided by the vast oil resources of oil shale in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.  It is a balanced look at the industry and attempts to answer the questions:Book cover Rev 2.jpeg

  1. Is it feasible to develop oil shale in the US in the next decade?
  2. Should oil shale be developed in the US in the next decade?
  3. If so, what are the various constraints and caveats that should be considered in such a development?
  4. Is it likely that a commercial oil shale plant (one that is designed to operate continuously at a profit) will be built in the US in the next 10 years?  What is that probability?

The eBook is a mix of technical and simple language.  It is extensively footnoted, especially when technology is being presented.  It also employs simple examples that are easy to understand when dealing with financial, political and environmental issues. 

The book is aimed at the concerned US Citizen who would like to have a simple, but complete handbook on oil shale for the purpose of formulating an informed, objective opinion on the subject of oil shale development.  It is a “must read” for advocates, policy makers, regulators and voters in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

The Authors bring to the evaluation of oil shale unique perspectives that readers will find refreshing, enlightening and occasionally irritating.  The Authors suggest some general directions based on their study of the industry.  The Authors are:

Ron Stites, Research Chemist and Managing Member of SALLC.  Mr. Stites holds a BS Degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance and Accounting.  He has many years of experience in the environmental industry and industrial Technology Development.  He brings a unique mix of financial, technical and environmental background.

Lee Yuan Ming, Intern at SALLC and an undergraduate student in his senior year atNanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he is majoring in Chemical Engineering under the Renaissance Engineering Programme.   Lee brings the perspectives of Chemical Engineering, International Issues and Business Entrepreneurship – his true passion in business life. 

Matthew James, Intern at SALLC and an holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering and currently pursuing a dual-degree in Bachelor of Engineering Science (Chemical Engineering) and Master of Science (Technology Management) at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.  Matthew also brings the perspectives of Chemical Engineering and International Issues.  He also brings a perspective of Social Justice and Sustainability having won awards in these areas.

The eBook is available through Amazon at:

The book will be introduced at the 2015 Oil Shale Symposium (October 5-6 in Salt Lake City).  Those who might like a PDF version should contact Ron Stites at:

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