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Stites & Associates, LLC Tools We Use:

We use a variety of tools to help our clients manage and improve their labs and evaluate and develop their technologies.  Of course some of these are laboratory equipment that we use in our R&D Lab in Arvada, CO.  You can see these listed by clicking here

There are two other important sets of management tools that we use.  These are:


  • Design-Expert:
    • This is Design of Experiment (DoE) software created by StatEase of Minneapolis, MN.  This software combines a number of statistical tools to evaluate data, develop models and design experimental progams to ensure the designed experiments and trials will produce statistically valid data.  Ron Stites is very active in DoE and has presented papers on the topic internationally (see "Ron Stites Speaks at European Statics User's Group")
  • IBM - SPSS:
    • SPSS is one of the premier Data Analytics software packages available to the Research and Development. It is supported by IBM. It includes a very wide variety of parametric and non-parametric tests along with bivariate and multivariate modeling capabilities.
  • MicroSoft Project:
    • This is an extensive Project Management software package that allows detailed tracking of complex Projects.  It can track milestones, predict completion dates, assist in balancing resources and help control costs.