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Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Competitive Performance

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Stites & Associates, LLC, Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to aid our stakeholder clients in reaping the rewards of technology development in a cost effective manner.  We will do this by applying good management judgment based on objective evidence and sound scientific thinking.

Stites and Associates, LLC, Values:

  1. Cost effectively find, develop and implement new technologies for stakeholder clients
  2. Seek the truth about technological developments using statistically valid experiments and objective data review
  3. Improve the understanding of technologies to better assess their true utility and value
  4. Assist our stakeholder clients in enhancing and protecting the value of their intellectual property
  5. Enhance the utility and value of technologies using effective research and development management techniques
  6. Train others in how to do effective research and development management
  7. Give our stakeholder clients financial benefits that are outrageously more valuable than what we charge them for our services
  8. Provide society at large far more benefit than the financial rewards to us or even to our stakeholder clients
  9. Maintain exemplary ethical behavior at all times and in all circumstances – becoming a model organization worthy of emulation
  10. Develop ethical problem solving skills in ourselves, our employees, our stakeholder clients and society at large
  11. Encourage all we meet, influence, train and do business with to face the truth with courage, resolve, open mindedness, humility and optimism
  12. Be seen as a good, competent, fair, reliable, trustworthy and useful company that stakeholder clients want to use to help them solve difficult technology problems