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Below are links to Specific Blog Categories:

Managing Research & Development:

  • Contains general articles about how to manage an R&D operation.  Included are case studies and helpful hints based on experience.  Great for the Executive trying to setup or improve an R&D operation.

Designing and Evaluating Experiments:

  • Contains a mix of technical explanations and case studies on when and how to use Experimental Design in your business.  This could be for your own technology development or for the evaluation of technology belonging to others.  This information is useful for those new to DoE, managing groups that need to use DoE or Investors needing to understand the status of a technology under consideration.

Analytical Laboratory Techniques:

  • This is a listing of some of the more interesting sampling and analysis methods developed by SALLC.

What Went Wrong:

  • This contains a few case studies where proper sampling and analysis was not uses.  These case studies are written from the perspective of the higher level manager to illustrate where proper experimental design, sampling techniques, analytical methods and data evaluation could have resulted in much better outcomes.

General News and Lab News:

  • These categories link to some interesting posts on what SALLC has been up to in general and more specifically in its R&D Lab.

Patents and Other IP Opportunities:

  • This provides information and links to patents and other Intellectual Property developments that SALLC has either worked on, developed itself or finds interesting. 

Public Policy:

  • Having been engaged in Environmental Laboratories and Alternative Fuels for many years, SALLC has been exposed to a wide variety of public policy issues surrounding these areas.  Occasionally SALLC will write opinion papers on specific areas of interest.

Working Internationally:

  • SALLC is a recognized expert in DoE and Alternative Fuels.  Here we talk about some of the things we have done across the globe.