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What do I mean by Technology Entrepreneurship? is creating new business entities that apply a new technology.  That could be a completely stand-alone business, but it doesn't have to be.  Often creating a new division, a new subsidiary or a new product inside an existing company can be just as challenging as launching a new business.  It requires many of the same talents, but often different skills.

These talents and skills are crucial not only to the success of individual business entities, but also to our nation.  We used to have these in abundance, but I fear that they are now often lacking in critical places.  Some of that is the narrow focus of our educational system - especially in technical fields and at graduate levels.  Some of it has to do with a bias of our educational system that often views Entrepreneurship as institutionalized rape of the planet - and not without some justification.  There is no denying some of the excesses of the Industrial Revolution or Colonialism.  Nevertheless, as these excesses were brought to light, public opinion slowly but surely put them in check.

Today we have a much better opportunity to ferret out nefarious schemes and should continue to do so.  If we hold businesses accountable in a public way, Entrepreurship can and should be a natural contributor to Sustainability and Social Worth.  The Entrepreneur should gravitate toward those products, services and programs that are Economically Sustainable and of long-term value to our culture.  This is the kind of Entrepreunship that I envision when talking about Technology Entrepreunship.  It presumes that a new technology is to be applied in an Economically Sustainable way to meet an identified and legitimate need of a subset of the Culture - the Customer.

At SALLC we have launched many businesses and new operations within businesses.  We'd love to assist you in evaluating your business idea and helping you get it to market.  To that end we make a number of services available to you beyond just technical and economic evaluation of your technology.  We can provide:

  • Financing

  • Budgeting and Financial Controls

  • Training - Technical, Sales, Business

  • Personal and Team Evaluation and Building

  • Long-Term Executive and Management Coaching

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