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One of my mentors, Art Beckner, once told me, "Son, nothing happens in this world until someone sells somebody else on something."  Art had started his "career" as what he proudly called "a peddler."  He drove a beat up old stationwagon around the small towns of Kansas selling vegetables and motor oil just trying to get by.  He ended his career as a Vice President of Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company peddling natural gas liquids to refineries.  He made his company millions of dollars just by cutting deals over the phone.  Even though his business was quite technical (he was supplying needed light end hydrocarbons to heavy oil refineries), he never lost sight of his business being creating a customer and satisfying the needs of that customer.   

Sadly, in Technology Development those simple rules that Art followed instinctively either get lost or at least confused.  Too often we focus on our Technology and fail to handle some of the more mundane issues of business like: 

  • Who is the Customer?
  • What is the Need that is Satisfied?
  • What is the Value to the Customer?
  • How do We Find and Communicate with the Customer?
  • How do We Price our Product or Service?
  • How do We Deliver to the Customer?
  • How do We Maintain our Quality?
  • How do We Grow our Company?
  • How do We Keep a Competitive Edge with Our Technology?  Our Operation?
  • How do We Finance our Company?
  • How do We Maximize the Value of Our Company?

These kinds of talents and skills are rarely taught to our best and brightest Technologists.  Hence, they are often befuddled by how these issues play out in the company they are in.  Perhaps worse, they are often terrified by the prospects of having to deal with such issues and pass up great opportunities to launch their own Technology Business.

At SALLC we have launched many businesses and new operations within businesses.  We'd love to assist you in evaluating your business idea and helping you get it to market.