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Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Competitive Performance

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Training Seminars

Stites & Associates hosts a number of training seminars. For more information, contact Ron Stites at:

Among the courses under development are:

Dealing with Uncertainty:

This seminar will prepare you to deal with the stress of uncertainty in your business and career. This is a first and crucial step in managing your business and career with evidence based processes. Most of us are paralyzed by uncertainty at a very basic level. In this course, you will learn that the entire business proposition is about managing uncertainty. In fact, your greatest rewards arise from your ability to manage uncertainty. Success is not about being perfect in doing this, but doing it better than the competition. We will give you some of the basic tools to manage uncertainty and use risk to your advantage. We hope that by the end of this course you will embrace uncertainty and see it as your fundamental opportunity rather than a dreaded fear.

Strategic Plan Development and Implementation:

This Strategic Planning Course is nothing like you have ever experienced. It is not a bunch of platitudes that you can go read in a Business 102 book. It focuses on finding your core skills, markets and messages and then putting them together in an implementation and follow-up program. It includes:

·   What is my business?

·   Who are my prospects?

·   What is my authentic message?

·   How can my authentic message reach my prospects?

·   How can I measure and improve conversion of prospects to customers?

·   How can I implement my strategic vision?

·   How can I measure progress toward my goals?

·   Who is going to help me follow-up, review and improve this program?

We provide experts in marketing, marketing research, SEO, database management, data analytics, finance, financial modeling, operations, quality control and other core business competencies. We can even provide equine assisted experiential learning for those who are really struggling to define their business and their authentic message.

C-Level Leadership Development:

This course is for the successful, competent manager who now finds himself/herself thrust into a Corporate Level Leadership role. We are all too aware of how difficult it is for subject matter experts to make that transition to a leader – that key transition from someone who can do it himself or herself to someone who can work effectively with and through others. In our new world of high technology business, C-Level leaders need to have good backgrounds in the core competencies of their businesses. Unfortunately, our technology schools are hopelessly behind in giving our best and brightest technologists basic business, leadership and even relationship skills. These can and must be learned if our technology businesses are to succeed. We are unique in our understanding of core business and technology subjects. We have folks with technical backgrounds who have learned how (admittedly too often by trial and error) to transition from a technology manager to a C-Level Executive. We have added a unique equine experiential dimension to accelerate the development of relationship skills so critical to success at the C-Level.

Deeper Meaning:

One of the things that we are learning from Evidence-Based Decision-Making is that the ability to apply objective measures to business is closely related to deeper topics such as ethics, meaning, purpose and mission. We have come to believe that too often our culturally based lack of meaning and purpose traps us into behavior which we know to be sub-optimal, personally repulsive and sometimes just plain “crazy.” This is especially true for the founder, small business owner, top executive and others who see their business activities as an extension of themselves. When those activities conflict with our inner self, we become miserable. We begin to display all kinds of negative behaviors becoming disoriented, frantic, impulsive, aggressive, withdrawn and many others. We have come to conclude that only when we can tap into meaning and purpose can we live a balanced life. Those that find this balance are able to endure many hardships and challenges with a sustained joy and a positive outlook.

We have many technical tools that we can bring to bear on this topic. We are experienced managers who have dealt with the many technical issues of running a successful business. Hence, we are not your “life coach” or your therapist. We are technical business people who have left miserable circumstances and found some peace and prosperity. We didn’t drop what we loved to do, to go sit on top of a pole, chanting ancient poetry and smoking dope. Rather, we worked at changing our circumstances to be more in harmony with who we really are. That took some discovery and a lot of hard work. We are willing to share with you some of our experiences and help you find your way.

This course is in the beginning stages of development. We are looking for some “early adopters” who would be willing to help us with development. If you are interested in more information on this course, please contact Ron Stites at