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Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Competitive Performance

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Data Analytics – Business Intelligence – Meet Vaughn Frost

Stites & Associates provides Data Analyses and Business Intelligence for wide variety of organizations including:

· Government AgenciesBest Pic 2.jpg

· Logistic Firms

· Medical Record Management Groups

· Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Operations

· Chemical Process and Pilot Plant Developers

· Research and Development Companies

· Laboratory Groups

Among the types of services provided are:

· Data Mapping

· Data Mining

· Process Improvement

· Statistical Analysis

· GIS Data Visualization

· Risk/Benefit Projections and Assessments

· Marketing Research

· Model Generation and Forecasting

· Development/Change Project Management

· Design of Experiments

The SALLC’s Leader in this area of expertise is Vaughn Frost. Vaughn has been working with SALLC almost since its founding in 1996. The first project was the development of one of the first truly successful Laboratory Information Management System for a larger environmental laboratory and engineering firm.

Vaughn holds a BS Degree in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky. He is also a Certified Project Manager. He has over twenty-five years of experience in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Vaughn works with other data/process/quality experts in SALLC to provide very broad IT support for government and business.