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Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Competitive Performance

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Some Example Projects using Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) in Engineering and Scientific Applications:

Research & Development Management

  • Reorganized a Major Industrial Pilot Plant Program Using EBDM Methods
    • Implemented Design of Experiments (DoE)
    • Improved Efficiency in Decision Making
    • Designed and Validated an Isokinetic Sampling System
  • Implemented EBDM Methods in Corn Ethanol Equipment Trials
    • Used DoE to Develop New Sampling and Testing Methods
    • Determined Relationships between Equipment Parameters and Product Yields
  • Implemented EBD Methods in Carbon Dioxide Capture Process
    • Developed and Validated GC/MS Methods of Measuring Efficiency of Ionic Liquid Capturing Process
    • Improved Efficiency of Pilot Plant Trials

Design & Construction of Specialized Test Equipment, Methods and Pilot Plants

  • Designed, Modeled, Built and Operated a small-scale pilot plant to demonstrate a patent pending oil shale process
  • Created and Validated Preservation Method for Fermentation Samples
  • Designed, Built, Tested and Operated High-Pressure/High-Temperature Bench-Scale Catalyst Testing Equipment – Syngas to Mixed Alcohols
  • Developed New Methods for Analyzing Trace Metals, Toxic Organics and Radioactive Materials in Complex Sample Matrices
  • Built Simulators for Biomass Gasification, Oil Shale Retorting, Vacuum and Atmospheric Distillations, Fermentations, Gravity Separations and Chromatographic Separations
  • Designed and Built Multiple, For-Purpose, Heterogeneous Sampling Systems

 Data Management, Modeling & Machine Learning

  • Implemented Multiple Laboratory Data Management Systems
  • Collected and Mined Multiple Databases of Experimental and Business Data for Quality, Performance and Trending Relationships
  • Modeled Interactions Between a Propriety High-Pressure Extraction Solvent and Target Carbohydrates
  • Modeled Low Partial Pressure Distillation Process
  • Developed Multiple Reliability, Validity and Error Prediction Models for Processes, Methods and Practices
  • Modeled Innovative Oil Shale Retorting Process
  • Developed Production Laboratory Performance Model

Quality Assessment, Design and Control

  • Developed Numerous Quality Control Programs
  • Assessed and Re-designed Many Existing Quality Management Systems
  • Improved Risk/Benefit Modeling Processes for Several Industrial Testing & Field Trials Programs