Evaluate Your Technology

​Does your technology really work? Does it bring value to the marketplace?

Get it Right the First Time

A surprising number of groups jump into commercializing a technology only to find out later that the technology didn’t work the way they thought it did. Unfortunately, it is quite common for early enthusiasm and optimism to overlook serious flaws or exaggerate performance. Our team of scientists and engineers will evaluate your technology using state-of-the-art analysis and modeling of existing data to critique technical, performance, and business claims and assess the probability of commercial success.


Techniques We Use:

·  Evidence-Based Decision-Making

o  We require objective evidence collected under relevant conditions to make decisions and model potential performance

·  Data Science

o  We use multivariate data analysis and multiple statistical tools to evaluate, screen, and qualify data for technical and financial projections

·  Propagation of Error

o  Where practical, we use mathematical modeling to translate uncertainties in physical and market performance into financial risk assessments

·  Design and Implementation of Market Surveys

o  We have marketing experts who can collect and evaluate the markets for your technology and collect crucial information needed for financial projections

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