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What We Do

We prepare your organization to evaluate, improve, and fund the disruptive technologies that will solve the biggest problems facing humanity in the 21st Century

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We use the sophisticated scientific and financial modeling to evaluate your technology.


Our scientists and engineers design equipment to test and improve your technology.


We train your people to raise money for technology development and commercialization.


We train your people to continuously improve technology and financial performance.

Who We Are:

Ron Stites

The Technology Development Network is a group of scientists, engineers, and business leaders dedicated to advancing critical, world-changing technologies. The effort is lead by Ron Stites, a Research Chemist and Founder of Stites & Associates, LLC (SALLC). Mr. Stites hold a B.S. Degree in Chemistry, an MBA in Finance and Accounting, and six patents in multiple chemical processes. He launched SALLC to assist engineers, scientists, and business leaders develop, improve, and commercialize new technologies. He has also worked with multiple startups, investors, and government agencies finding, developing, and funding technology driven companies.

  • Technical and Financial Evaluation of New Technologies
  • Improve the Technical and Financial Performance of New Technologies
  • Find and Communicate with Potential Public and Private Investors
  • Organize and Train Personnel in Continuous Technology Improvement

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