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Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Competitive Performance


We believe that one of the fundamentals in succeding in technology based business is finding Truth. There are all kinds of technical skills we can apply, but success requires dealing with the Truth about relationships, markets, technologies, value propositions, events, causes, commitments, and models. No technical skills can replace good management and that is where we need to start.

Good management is pedicated on seeking, recognizing and courageously acting on our imperfect knowledge of the Truth - while scrupulously rejecting all bias, prejudice and self-interest when acting as a leader, an agent or a representative of others. We call this Evidence-Based Decision-Making.

Such objectivity is neither easy to obtain nor trivial to pursue. We are flawed not only in our abilities to know, but even in our abilities to act on that knowledge. We propose a new way of thinking, acting and manageing. It includes a wide variety of new paradigms and techniques including:

  • Creating an environment where Truth is allowed 
  • Evaluating and learning from historical experiences and data
  • Experimenting with data and relationships to validate knowledge
  • Using validated knowledge to create new possibilities
  • Developing new models and actions freeded from the predjudices of the past
  • Thriving in a world of perpetually not knowng and always learning
  • Loving challege and change instead of running from it

SALLC and its team of experts can help you:

  • Experience the joy of learning your business anew
  • Explode innovation and business comprehension
  • Maximize the value of your business databases and experience
  • Turn your employees into savvy tech entrepreneurs 
  • Organize, plan and implement for future success
  • Turn your customers into excited partners in your future
  • Replace negativism and naivity with active, persistent realism


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Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Technology Develoment, Marketing, Finance, Data Mining and HR 

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