Improve Your Technology

Improve Performance. Improve Profit Potential

It is one thing to identify needs and quite another to do something about them. The Technology Development Network is a multi-disciplined group of professionals who can do something about closing the gaps discovered during the Evaluation of your technology. Our scientists, engineers, and business experts assist you in developing, monetizing, and funding your entire commercialization project.

Techniques We Use:

·  Sophisticated Business Modeling and Planning

o  Our goal is to position your technology where it is most profitable for you, your clients, and your stakeholders

·  Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy Development

o  We partner with some of the best IP developers and Patent Attorneys to design robust strategies to monetize your IP

·  “Library Research”

o  We investigate related existing and competitive technologies to help position your technology while avoiding “reinventing the wheel”

·  Design of Market Surveys

o  We have technical marketing experts who can collect and evaluate the markets for your technology and collect crucial information needed for financial projections and optimizing technology value

·  Designing and Implementation of Sampling Plans and Equipment

o  We can solve some of the most complex sampling problems using sophisticated Theory of Sampling (TOS) methods to obtain statistically valid information to improve technology performance

·  Design of Experiments (DoE)

o  Our scientists and engineers use statistically valid DoE to design physical experiments (including pilot plant trials) to measure performance and risks quickly and efficiently

·  Design, Construction, and Operation of Pilot Plants

o  Our engineers have designed, built, and operated testing equipment ranging from laboratory bench scale to semi-works

·  Laboratory Design and Operation

o  Our scientists have designed, built, and operated a wide range of laboratories from commercial scale to remote, mobile operations

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