Prepare Your Technology for Success

Everything we do prepares your technology-driven organization for success. We help evaluate, improve, and fund your technology by instilling into your people what we know. Our job is not complete until we "work ourselves out of a job." Unlike many consultants, we want to multiply our efforts by teaching your people.

Why? Because we believe that technology builds wealth and contributes to equitable wealth distribution. We wrote the book on this and would love to share with you our vision.

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We use Evidence-Based Analysis and Design of Experiments (DoE) to evaluate the performance of your technology. We use our experience and expertise to measure the ultimate market value of that technology by modeling potential profitability. We engage your people in this evaluation so that they can continue the process long after we have moved on. With the skills we provide you, your people can evaluate changes, improvements, and spin-off opportunities.

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We use our business experience along with sophisticated technical evaluation to look for ways to enhance the market value of your technology. We model expected outcomes and analyze variability and risk factors to provide evidence-based strategies to close gaps and maximize long-term economic sustainability of your technology-driven enterprise. We use good science and engineering to make improvements that matter in the marketplace.

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We help you develop your business strategy and communicate that to potential investors. We can assist you in finding the "right" investor for your current development needs. We work with start-ups, expanding businesses, and mature businesses using appropriate funding strategies. These include forming strategic partnerships, obtaining debt financing, applying for government grants and loans, and finding equity VC or Angel investors.

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Our goal is to make your group/organization self-sufficient. We want to "work ourselves out of a job." Hence, we are always prepared to share with you the most detailed and useful information we have. Our goal is to facilitate the development of the disruptive technologies that will be needed in the coming decades and put them on an economically sustainable path that solves major challenges while contributing to wealth generation and wealth distribution.

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Typical Projects:

Corn Ethanol Technology

We develop multiple testing and validation protocols for evaluating a new technology in the corn ethanal industry.

Multimillion Dollar TIF

We assist a new, tourist based entity raise over $10 million in Tax Increment Financing in a depressed coal region. 

Finite Element Process Model

We developed a finite element processing model to predict yields and operating conditions for a new retorting process.

Multimillion Dollar Series A

We assist a new, econometrics company fund their start-up with a multimillion dollar Series A Offering.

Mineral Processing Pilot Plant

We developed a R&D Management Process for a mineral processing pilot plant.

CRADA Catalyst Development

We assisted a catalyst development company apply for and win a Cooperative Research & Development Agreement.