Fund Your Technology Development

Find the "Right" Funding Source for Your Business Opportunity

Without funding an idea cannot progress to a verified plan and an economically sustainable business venture. But not every technology will follow the same pathway. Some will require grants. Some will require loans. Others may require large capital investments. Some paths will result in licensing, others will require partnering with vendors, suppliers or customers. Still others will require building manufacturing and sales operations. Our Team of experienced business developers can help with many of these pathways for monetizing your technology and help you find sources of funding that match your development needs.

How We Can Help:

·  Detailed Evaluation of Your Funding Needs

o  We connect business planning with financial forecasting to ensure that your development program will be adequately funded.

·  Assist You in Developing the "Best" Strategy for "Monetizing" Your Technology

o  Not all technologies are alike. Whether you are trying to patent or license a technology or bring a new product or service to the market, we can help. We have experts in patenting and licensing IP, and designing, building, and operating plants. We can even help in selling the new product or service.

·  Assist You in Characterizing the "Best" Funding Sources

o  Not all "investors" are alike. Some provide grants for specific technology types. Others will lend money for some technologies or business ventures. Some will invest in high-risk, high-return ventures. We help you develop a plan and a program to characterize the most likely sources so that you don't waste valuable time on poor prospects.

·  Assist You in Finding the "Right" Investors"

o  Whether the "investor" is a government entity that awards grants, an agency that "guarantees loans," a local that provides tax incentives, or a private investment fund that wants an equity position, our group of experts can help you develop find potential interested parties and craft your message to potential interested parties.

·  Assist You in Crafting Your "Offering" to Interested Parties

o  We can help you craft an offering that will likely gain the interest of the kinds of stakeholders that would support your development project. 

·  On-going Support Throughout Your Development Program

o  We are committing to your long-term success through multi-disciplined training and consulting services.

Note: We are NOT a broker. We help YOU control your destiny by sharing our experience and teaching YOU how to succeed.

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